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PZPI continuously performs intensive research work related to the quality of its products. The main confirmation of this is that our company has ISO 9001-2001 quality certificate which covers all the stages from designing and manufacturing of products to their sales monitoring. Bottles and closures can be any color depending on your requirements. Our specialists will help you choose the combination of closure and bottle colors.

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Plastic packaging for household chemical products is distinguished by quite a wide variety. As a rule, for household chemical products, bottles of various capacities are used, but depending on the purpose of household chemical products the shape of the bottles can be varied to a great extent, providing the packaging with additional functionality. In addition to bottles, packaging for household chemical products often includes jars, sprays, large capacity containers for cleaning companies etc.


A distinctive feature of packaging for household chemical products is its high chemical stability. For manufacturing of plastic bottles and other types of packaging for household chemical products, PZPI uses special polymer materials not destructible by long-term exposure to aggressive chemical substances and resistant to cracking. Our company can manufacture packaging for household chemical products adapted to specific technical requirements of the customer, at the same time, parameters of polymers can change within a very wide range. For example, specifications can provide the requirement to withstand contact with a specific substance or compound without reaction during specified time. Other specifications are also possible including operation within specific temperature ranges, resistance to mechanical effects, stiffness level etc.

Any bottles and other packaging for household chemical products can be supplied in various color schemes selected from the palette depending on the customer’s requirements. The range of color schemes for the packaging manufactured by our company is virtually unlimited.

Packaging for detergents

Plastic packaging for detergents is designed for storage of powders, creams, dishwashing and mopping detergents. So, packaging for detergents is represented by jars and bottles from 0.1 to 1 liter, equipped with means of dosing (caps, measuring scales etc.) Packaging for detergents can be supplied complete with trigger pumps, spay pumps etc.

Inclined neck bottles

Inclined neck bottles are designed for washing objects and surfaces located in hard-to-reach areas (water closet rims, sinks, bidets etc.). The capacity of such bottles is within 0.5 – 1.5 liters, the bottles are always equipped with child-resistant lids as well as dosing valves.

Laundry bottles

Laundry bottles are designed for storage of liquid laundry detergents, conditioners, bleaches, carpet cleaning products etc. All laundry bottles are equipped with measuring caps for accurate dosing of product, it is possible to apply measuring scale and other marking as necessary. Laundry bottles can have a capacity from 0.5 to 2.5 liters.

Pipe cleaning

Packaging for pipe cleaning chemicals features more stringent requirements to stability against aggressive chemical substances and compounds. Packaging for pipe cleaning chemicals is always equipped with child-resistant lids. Bottles for pipe cleaning chemicals have measuring scales applied which allows accurate dosing of the product.

Bottles with spray pumps (trigger pumps)

Bottles with spray pumps are mainly used for glass, carpet and dish cleaners. Spray pump can be included in the scope of supply of bottles as requested by the customer. All the bottles with spray pumps have standard necks which allows the customer to use its own available spray pump or purchase any other spray pump for the bottle.

Packaging for disinfectants

Packaging for disinfectants is designed for household and industrial disinfectants. Packaging for disinfectants meets relevant specifications for packaging, and is designed for use with modern disinfection technologies. All the packaging for disinfectants is suitable for use with standard elbow dispensers.

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